Job Fairs

Attend the first Virtual Job Fair!

August 10, 2018

If you need a new or better job, this is the place for you. No awkward conversations with companies, no approaching strangers, no hearing about jobs you don’t want. Instead, our job coaches will help you navigate the application process on-the-spot to help you apply immediately.

Start your future August 10th!

Multiple locations for your convenience:

Brunswick Library—3649 Center Rd., Brunswick             1:00pm—5:30pm

Buckeye Library, 6625 Wolff Rd., Medina                         1:00pm—3:30pm

Highland Library, 4160 Ridge Rd., Medina                      1:00pm—3:30pm

Lodi Library, 635 Wooster St., Lodi                                1:00pm—3:30pm

Medina Library—210 S. Broadway Street, Medina        1:00pm—5:30pm

Seville Library, 45 Center St., Seville                            1:00pm—3:30pm

Wadsworth Library—132 Broad St., Wadsworth           1:00pm—5:30pm

Medina County University Center, 6300 Technology Lane, Medina            2:00pm to 6:00pm

For more information call Lori at 330-661-0837 or Rochelle at 330-661-0832



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